Ballantyne's Cove Wharf

This 40-slip marina has many amenities including; washrooms, showers, laundry, water, launching facilities, gas, diesel, and night security.  The marina is within walking distance of take-out food and walking trails.

Ballantyne's Cove Tuna Interpretive Centre

The Ballantyne's Cove Tuna Interpretive Centre is located at the busy Ballantyne's Cove Marina.  The centre features interpretive panels which describe the life cycle of the bluefin tuna; a video detailing the history of tuna fishing in the local area and a life-sized model of a bluefin tuna.  Prominently displayed is the antique Fresnal lighthouse lens, which is an exact match to the one originally used at the nearby Cape George Point Lighthouse.

Cape George Heritage School Museum

This quaint one-room schoolhouse opened in 1925.  It was one of many in Antigonish County with one teacher and 30-50 pupils.  The school was converted into a museum with artifacts and information available on the heritage and culture of the area.  A trailhead exists on the Museum property with parking and a picnic area available.  Open July - August, 10am-4pm, every day except Friday, special requests can be accomodated.  Admission is free, donations are appreciated.

Cape George Day Park

This convenient picnic area is located on the Cape George Point Lighthouse road, less than a 5 minute walk to the picturesque lighthouse.  It is a beautiful place to enjoy a picnic under covered tables.  Washroom facilities are available.  The area serves as a trailhead for the Cape George Hiking Trails.  Directional maps of the trails are placed at the park to assist in navigation.

The Mysterious Bubbling Spring

This well hidden forest spring is unique in that, in addition to water, it has long been producing bubbles of what may be air or something mysterious!

Cape George Point Lighthouse

The first lighthouse, erected in 1861, was a square white wooden tower; it was destroyed by fire in 1907. In 1908 it was replaced by an octagonal wood tower painted white with a circular red metal lantern. The current light is an octangonal concrete tower built in 1968. It is 45 feet (14m) high with a group flashing (12s) electric light. The Cape George Lighthouse us still guiding ships safely ashore with its flashing lamp.

Scenic Look-offs

At selected locations, (at the intersection of the Marsh Road and Highway 337, for example) pull your vehicle safely to the side of the road, enjoy the majestic land and seascapes, where the homes of this busy fishing community lie scattered along green meadows atop the high red bluffs of the cove. Photograph fishing boats, beaches, seabirds, and the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Interpretive panels explain the rich history, culture and geologic origins of the area.

Cape George Hiking Trail

This series of connected loops, varying in length and difficulty, totals 37km , and meanders through meadows and old-growth forests, to coastal hills affording spectacular views of St. Georges Bay. The trailheads are located at the Cape George Heritage School Museum, the Cape George day Park, and the Ballantyne's Cove Tuna Interpretive centre. Hiking certificates are earned by collecting rubbings of metal letters at trail intersection; collect all 14 to have your name placed on a hiking certificate and logged in the Cape George Trail Hikers Archives. rest and relax on one of the 16 comftortable benches donated by ancestors of original settlers. 

Open May 1 - November 30.  Admission free - Donations accepted.

Wilkie's Brook

Wilkie's Brook was used for doing laundry during the 1900's to 1940's. Women of the community spent their days at the intervale washing clothes when the water supply was low. The clothes were scrubbed, dried and then carried home after the day of work/enjoyment and a chance to catch up on the local news. This area was also used for Sunday school and Cape george school picnics. The main brook in the Cape runs down a steep valley and is crossed by five bridges and patiently fished by "The Little Fishermen".

Family Hike-a-thon

Held in the late summer, this fun-filled day of hiking on many of the trails is a fundraiser for the upkeep and maintenance of the trail system.